Our Approach to ITIL® Certification, Training and Consulting

Propoint Solutions was conceived out of the need for a balanced approach to achieving IT service excellence. This carries though into all our ITIL Certification, Training and Consulting services and products.  We believe that People, Process and Technology must all come together to achieve IT business objectives.



We believe that the people who make up the service organization are the first place for focus.

  • Have business objectives and service goals been clearly communicated throughout the organization?
  • Are balanced metrics in place to prioritize efforts and measure results?
  • Will accomplishment of these goals address the business needs while providing job satisfaction and personal rewards for staff?
  • Are Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Six Sigma process improvement teams in place?

Organizational assessments, customer surveys, performance metrics and staff training are where we start.


As organizational structure, surveys, balanced metrics, and training are being addressed - it’s time to look at process. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an excellent resource for IT best practices.

  • Are your processes aligned to industry best practices?
  • Are procedures in place for every aspect of the service experience, from the first report of an incident, to the resolution entry in the knowledge base?
  • Has the process been optimized for efficiency?
  • Are ownership and communication responsibilities clearly defined?
  • Are Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics in place to drive process improvements from your customers' perspective?


Finally, technology must be optimized to bring efficiency to the IT organization. Well designed client facing tools, such as web interface and CTI, offer customer self help 24/7. Incident management tools, system monitoring tools, configuration management databases, and knowledge management tools each bring automation and new levels of efficiency to the support organization.

  • Have tools been aligned to business drivers?
  • Are “alarm storms” a frequent source of frustration?
  • Have thresholds been aligned to SLAs?

Propoint Solutions is here to help our clients take a balanced approach to service excellence through people, process and technology. Contact Us today to discuss your IT service objectives. Enjoy the immediate relief that comes from knowing the Propoint Solutions team is here to ensure your success.

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